Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Music Doesn't Appeal to Me

You probably hat me for writing that, but it's true.  I really don't like Christmas music.  I don't have a strong reason why except that it's a little too mushy and sentimental for me.  I don't have any deep theological reasons for it other than that. 

I do have one exception though.  I absolutely love Michael W. Smith's first Christmas CD.  That peice of work is awesome!  It's the only one for me that captures the majesty of the moment without being so sentimental.  It rests on the glory of the incarnation and not that "look at the cute little baby Jesus" syndrome like you see in the movie Talledaga Nights.

I guess writing this out I stumbled on something meaningful though.  I think Christians miss the glory of the moment that we call incarnation.  We fail to see the majesty of babe.  Many of us celebrate it but few of us are like the wise men and bend our knee to him.

That would be my Christmas present to you.  May you see the majesty of Jesus in the manger this Christmas.

If Christmas music helps you do that, more power to ya!

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