Monday, August 27, 2007


Today's blog will be a little different. I usually like to comment in some further detail about the message I just preached and I'll probably make a few comments about that, but I thought I would also share about a new transition our family is making today.

Lisa went to work at Oakland School today. We're excited about that but it's still a trnasition. Lisa worked out of the home when we were in Kentucky and that made life awful convenient. I'm prooud of Lisa and I'm sure she'll do awesome!

Oh, yeah... I get to be Mr. Mom this week until the they get in school next week. I'm enjoyting it. We 're going to have some fun and I have great kids, but it's still a change.

I like change. It keeps me fresh and on my toes. I know a lot of people that don't like change. In fact, I have been accusing of liking to change things to quickly. If something isn't working I'm all for changing it. Then, many times, I like to change things up just becasue I can. It looks different. Nothings perfect.

I'm also excited about my grad work. I'm in my final year and so far so good. I'm really looking forward to graduation this spring. Dietrich just walked in.. he says, "Hi!"

Concerning the message yesterday. I think it's really exciting to be Jesus' disciple. I think it's really exciting that he chose us, even though we in no way qualify to be his Talmid. The fact still remains that he chose you!

He chose Paul who was a murderer. He chose Moses who was a nevous scardey cat. He chose David knowing he would commit adultrey. He chose Peter even though he betrayed Jesus. He chose Esther, even though she was in no position of power.

God always seems to choose people who thnk they aren't qualified. I think he does that so his glory will be shown even more.

Sorry if I rambled today... I'm in the process of changing...

Have yourself Committed!



Monday, August 20, 2007

Recovering from Sexual Sin

Well, yesterday I talked about sex and how it is an incredible gift from God. The world has abandoned this idea though. Our world likes to treat sex like an activity, a football game, and not what God designed it to be, intimacy, a special gift.

Sexual sin is not the worse sin, but it is a sin with unique consequences and I don't have to tell you how sexual sin has hurt so many people, maybe even you. What do you do though to recover from the consequences of sexual sin? Can you?

Here is what I see the Bible saying about this.

First, God does forgive sexual immorality, completely. When Jesus died on the cross he took on all of your sin. Not only that he took on all of God's wrath for your sin as well. He suffered in your place. And not only that, when you accept him as your Lord and Savior he gives you his righteousness, his holiness. Your sin is blotted from all eternity. It really is quite the deal!

If God forgives me why do I still suffer the consequences? You may have asked God to erase the consequences and God could do that if he chose too, but I have found many times he doesn't. Look at the life of King David in the Bible. He committed adultrey and then to cover it up he had the lady's husband murdered in battle. David had a child with this woman, Bathsheba, and God told David this child would die as a consequence of his sexual sin. David prayed and begged God to spare the child, but God didn't and the child died at 7 days old. David had confessed to God his sin and God said he forgave him, but he still suffered the consequence, why?

Why didn't God remove the consequence of the sexual sin? I see two reasons. One, there are consequences to sin and God doesn't want us to forget that. I see many times in the Bible that God will let consequences into people's live's to remind them never to go back there again. It hurts, it's wrong, and it is not good. God doesn't want us to forget that sin, particularly sexual sin, hurts. He doesn't want us to go back there. But oh! how often we get caught up in our circumstances and forget!

Secondly, God will use that consequence to remind you of his grace. Paul asked one time for a "thorn" to be removed from him. We don't know what this "thorn" is but Paul wanted it gone and God's reply was, "My grace is sufficient for you." What? God was saying I am going to use this thorn, whatever it is, to teach you about my love for you and my grace. For without it how will you know about my grace? God desires to teach us his grace too.

Let me tell you how to experience this grace. One practice is to simply write it out. Write it out, the circumstance, how you feel, the whole deal, and then offer it up to God. Just be honest and confess to him and ask to know his grace. This just has to be between you and God. When you get done burn the paper or throw it away. And as you practice this you find a strength that wasn't there before, a light in the darkness, a way out. You might need to do this several times even. And the amazing thing with God is he takes this incredible weakness and pain in your life and somehow turns it into a source of strength (It's hard to explain) and you'll be able to say what Paul says in the Bible , "I will brag about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." 1 Corinthians 12:9.

Paul also said concerning his past, and the consequences of his sin (the pain and the shame), that he forgets what is behind him and presses on forward to the goal in his life. That's good advice too. There comes a point when you have to quit dwelling on the consequence and move forward to that which God has called you. We see King David doing this. After his baby died he got up and went back to work. When his servants asked how he could do this David replied, "While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept. I thought, "Who knows? The Lord may be gracious to me and let the child live. But now that the child is dead, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again?" David realized that it was time to move on and not dwell on the loss. Sometimes that is the the best step for us too.

The first step in overcoming sexual sin is to invite God's grace into that weakness, the powerlessness. For when we are weak, He is strong. In this way you see God's strength in you and thus you will overcome.

I hope this helps anyone that is struggling with this.

Have Yourself Committed,


Monday, August 13, 2007

Another thought on money...

Yesterday I talked about money and I hope you understand that the Bible says a lot more about money than giving to the church. Whenever I preach about this topic I have always tried to take the attitude that the church will have the money it needs. The church belongs to God and he is the ultimate resource and He will provide for the church. After all, His Son died so the church could come forth!

In reality, and this is nothing new, money is not a giving issue, but a heart issue. Whenever Jesus spoke about money this was his concern. Whatever dominates your mind gets your attention and whatever gets your attention dominates your heart. Right? Just think about that person or child you love. They dominate your attention becasue you love them.

God knows that. He knows that whatever gets our attention dominates our heart. God knows that money and the worries that come with it can dominate your emotions and your mind. God wants to be in that place. His solution to break money's hold on us? You need to give it away. Give the first portion to God and when you do that you begin making him the priority in your life.

I've heard preachers say, "Let me look in your checkbook and I'll let you know who is first in your life." Interestingly, God doesn't look at your checkbook. He looks at your heart. He's more concerned about you.

So if you have a problem with your money maybe it's a heart issue, not a giving issue, or even a financial issue. For out of a man's heart flows his thought and actions.

I appreciate the comments. Keep them coming.

Have Yourself Committed, Kirk

Friday, August 10, 2007

Maybe God is the Point

A couple of weeks ago I saw the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis and I immediately thought of the devestation of lives, the fear, and all the people who were hurt. I prayed for them.

Someone e-mailed some photos that were taken of the tragedy and I was taken back by a photo of three catholic priests, their jaws open, looking at the destruction. You could read the surprise, the horror, and their hearts in their faces. They were taken back by what they were looking at.

I think I struck a chord with those three priests for I'm sure my face looked the same when I saw the destruction of an F-4 tornado (winds over 200 mph) near my home in Kentucky. As I went around checking on people I saw entire homes swept off the foundation. I didn't even see any debris. The tornado literally missed my home by a few hundred feet. I thanked God that my family was safe.

Then it hit me. Why does God let stuff like this happen anyway? I've heard people ask that before. I heard people asking that after Hurricane Katrina, or after the Tsunami in Asia a few years ago. You read about people of all faiths asking, "Where is God in this?"

Then it hit me. Maybe one of the many reasons this stuff happens is to get us to ask the question, "Where is God?" It gets us searching. It gets us wondering. It makes us wonder if there is a higher power.

One characteristic of God that I think we can fail to rememebr is his power and glory exists independent of our life. Whether we are born or not, God would still be glorious and powerful. Powerful events like this remind us of God. Just the fact that you wonder points you to him. Maybe that's the point.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Serving at Church

Yesterday I preached about the importance of serving your church family. There are many Biblical arguements as to why one should get involved in this endeavor. One, the church is a family and every family member needs to do thier part to make the household run smoothly. Just about all of us had some chores to do in our family. We are in the family of God and it's part of our responsibility. The Bible says the church is Jesus' body and each part needs to do it's special work. What would happen to your body if the heart, or the lungs did not do it's part? The same is true for the church. Such are two of the arguments as to why a Christian needs to serve in a local church.

Then I asked myself why do I serve the church? What motivates me? Well, if you were cynical you might be saying "It's your job to serve the church. You are getting paid for it. It's your chosen profession." (Well, we might talk about that later, did I choose it or did God choose me? That's another topic). Even though this is my job I am confident to say that if I had another profression I would be involved in helping out my local church family. So again I ask, "Why?" What motivates me?

As corny as it may sound and after some self-examination I believe I serve God simply because He serves me. His love for me motivates me to love others. His work toward me motivates me to work towards others. And at the risk of diminishing the value of the cross (which is the highest value ever alongside the resurrection), it's Christ work in me, that continues in me that motivates me to work for him. Christ set me free from sin but he has done so much more than that, he gave me his righteousness too (The double cure!) and every day he has me growing in that righteousness. That's what motivates me to serve the church.

The one big idea I have learned in growing in righteousness is that righteousness is aout giving right as much as living right. The more I give God's love away to others and build up in His church the more righteous I become. At least, that's what I see Paul teaching in Corinthians and Ephesians.

We Americans love to collect (cards, cars, books, you name it). God loves to give. We are not to be cauldron's of God's love, but conduits of God's love.

That's why I serve God's family. Why do you serve God's family? Do you see Christ's love as one act on the cross or as Christ living in you? Or both? In the end I would say don't let guilt motivate you to serve, let God motivate you to serve. (Don't I sound like a preacher?=)

Have Yourself Committed,