Monday, December 7, 2009

Stuck in Growth

Can I share something with you?  I feel stuck!

Our church is really maxing out the Y facility, so it would be good to go to a bigger facility with better classrooms for our children.  The problem the building in Suffolk are so limited and the price range to build on some land is way out there.

We need room to grow but we do not have the resources to take the next step.

I hear a big word calling... FAITH!  I think our congregation this next year is going to have to take a huge step of faith to go to the next level.  The question I have is this, Am I willing to do it?  Is the church I serve willing to do it?

We have some options before us though.  All require faith...

1. The downtown jazz building, $539,000.  Will it fit our church?  Will it be good for growth?  Can we afford the payments?  What about the heat bill and the renovations that will have to be made?

2.Buy land and build... but land prices are steep with new businesses coming into town.

3. Go to two services at the Y.  This looks like the suicide option to me.  It would require coming in at 6:30 AM and not getting done until 12:30 PM.  Plus I've never heard a church of about 125 going to two services.  That seems a little CRAZY to me!

Whatever the case... we're going to have FAITH this year.  I think when i came here we started out on hope, and we developed a community of love, and now for the final piece- FAITH.

God, help me see what I don't see!


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