Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Night Mind Dump

Here are some thoughts and musings about services today...

* It was great to see Sid and Chris playing on the praise team today. That was awesome.
*I wish I could have seen the video in color. I know the guys worked really hard to fix the problem. Even so, it was good to see it.
* DePAula came up to me today and said they have designs for a rockin' new website. I'm anxious to see it.
* I am thankful for Rick and his leadership of the Missions Team. He is really helping our church not only reach beyond our roles, but beyond the borders of our country to reach in the name of Christ.
* I am thankful for people like the Coopers who are dedicating their lives to get the Word of God to people who do not have it. God is so good!
* We are definitly on the up curve in attendance! More chairs anyone? Keep inviting people to come Celebrate!
* Lisa came home and said youth group tonight was off the chain! That's exciting.
* The ladies who went to Women of Faith had a great time too.
* Lastly, I am really excited about preaching this Sunday. I've had a couple Sunday's off and I'm anxious to share God's word again.

Peace, Kirk

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