Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Morning Upload

This week has been another great week...

> Monday was spent doing a lot of administrative tasks and studying for upcoming messages
> Tuesday was my day off, election day. After I waited three hours to vote I took miriam out to lunch at Golden Corral. Election day wasn't all that eventful. We knew who won by 10-11 PM.
> Wednesday I was at the Virginia Vision meeting in Rochmond. It is always exciting to hear about how other church plants are growing and how they are reaching out in Jesus name. Our church plants are doing really well. I did hear news of another brother in arms who fell to moral failure. Satan has a big gun there and he's firing at will. Pray for me and our staff for protection from the evil one. I also had our Life Group Leader meeting at night. We are going to be starting several new small groups. It was exciting to have all the new leaders there!
> Thursday was spent in in message writing. I call Thursday my Holy Day becasue it's just me, God, his word, and a blank sheet of paper.
> And today is Friday... today will be spent preparing for the delivey of the message, powerpoints, praying about the budget meeting, a wedding rehersal, and small group in the eveining. I'm covering for a preacher in a wedding on Saturday. pray all goes well...!

> What have I learned this week... I learned God is in control... and always will be incontrol... no matter how much O want to be in control. I can fool myself and thinkk I'm in control, but I'm not. I must learn to lean on God all the more.


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