Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Night Mind Dump, 11.16

Here are some things that I've observed on this Sunday...

1. Have you heard of EGR's? EGR stands fr "Extra grace Required." we all have people that fit that category. What's amazing is we get to learn how the grace of Christ really gets lived out among us.

2. It was neat to see all kinds of people sign up for a Life Group today. I'm excited about the new groups that we are starrting.

3. Please be praying for my Uncle Feed. he is 88 years old and broke his hip this weekend. He is in for a tough recovery period. Also please in prayer for Mac, my step grandfather, he is suffering from a severe stroke.

4. I am so stoked about Max Pino being the Equipping Minister. he did a wonderful job at his first meeting of the MTR's. It was really exciting to see. if you don't know what an MTR is then I'll tell you. MTR stands for "Ministry Team Represenative." They are the people who get ministry accomplished in our church. I'mreally excited about what was accomplished today.

5. I hope a lot of people in our church consider the percentage giving for next year. I know God will bless them.

6. Went and saw the Norman Rockwell exhibit this past Saturday in Norfolk. It was amazing. I find it incredible that God gave us the idea that we can take his stuff and mold it and create with it. It's amazing!

I'll be writing next Sunday night if not before.


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