Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Simple Seminar was great

The Simple Church Seminar this past Saturday was great. Romy did a great job of getting everything together and everyone had a great attitude as well.

During the seminar I discussed how the very structure of our church, how we get things accomplished, is vitally important to making disciples. What I didn't share is there are 8 different structures within the church that need to be lead well. These eight structures are essential to the life of the church. You need all eight running well to gain peak performance in the church.

Here are the eight structures within the church.

1. The Weekend Service System
2. The Evangelism System
3. The Assimilation System
4. The Small Groups System
5. The Ministry System
6. The Stewardship System
7. The Leadership System
8. The Strategic System

All of these systems affect the overall effectiveness of discipling others in Christ. Many times what we think is a people problem is more of a system problem, how things are structured to get stuff accomplished. Think about it.


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