Saturday, October 18, 2008

Church Budgets

Church budgets are tricky animals. On the one hand you want your budget to step out in faith. On the other hand you don't want to go so far out that you it just seems ridiculous to try and acheive it. I for one believe in God-sized goals and God is pretty big!

In order tohelp our church to think big and realize what God can do through us let suggest to you a tool to that with with. Simply add a zero to the church budget. Our budget for 2008 was 136,000. What of we added a zero? 1, 360,000. What kind of ministry would we have if we did that?

You can do that with attendance too. Right now we average about 113 people. Add a zero. 1,130 people. What kind of facilities, staff, volunteers, would we need if we became a church of 11oo people?

This kind of exercising faith helps us prepare for the future. It helps us be ready for the growth God has planned for us.

This is why I appreciate our elders. They are going to be presenting the budget to you soon. When i found out about the budget I was amazed. We have men who are expecting God and us to see this church grow in in it's ministry in an effective way. it really is exciting. I am truly blessed to be serving with them.

I know ecenomic times are down, but our God isn't. We may have two fish and five loaves to offer, but our mighty God can multiply our faith!

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