Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crazy Week

Most of you know that my son Dietrich has had a rough summer. He has had surgery, stung by jellyfish at least twice, was bitten by close to 200 seed ticks (we counted them), then had 6 teeth pulled, and this week has been home from school for a week with a serious sinus infection and fever. Dietrich has had it rough. Pray for him!

Then this week has been a busy week with several meetings for me in the evenings. it's been one of the weeks when i say hi and bye to the family and roll on. You have weeks like that now and then.

it can wear on you mentally a little bit. That's why I was thankful for the finance seminar tonight. We looked at Romans 8:28 where God says he works together all things for good for thos who love him. I know I love God and I know he loves me (He went first) so i know things are working for good. God doesn't get tired so he is my refreshment and my source of strength. What a great verse of scripture!

I'm also preparing for the Simple Church Seminar on Saturday and God is really impressing me onthe power of systems. a system is how an organization gets things done. For example, McDonald's has a system on delivering you a hamburger. GM has a system for building a car. Your body has a system for walking, breathing, and battling viruses.

The church has a system and like a body it has several systems. I'm just learning about all of this and it really is amazing. I think the knowledge about systems will help our church grow farther.

Every church, I have learned, has eight primary systems of getting things accomplished. Each one needs attention to furtehr the church. I'll expand on those systems in upcoming blogs. It really is exciting.

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