Friday, November 2, 2007

You Know What Makes Me Sick!

Back in Cincinnati Ohio on the powerful AM 700 was a comedian who would have different beefs about current topics. He always began his tripe with this line, "You know what makes me sick?!"

That's what I am going to do today. You know what makes me sick? When retailers no sooner take down thier pumpkins and skeletons at halloween than they are putting up Christmas lights, Santa Claus's, manger scenes, and pushing to buy all this stuff for the holiday season.

I heard on the news this morning that retailers are worried that the housing crunch is going to curtail Christimas sales this year so they are leaving nothing to chance. They are going to get an early start on Christmas and get everyone in the mood... to shop, long before "Black Friday."

Why does this make me sick? Whatever happened to Thanksgiving? Where's the hype to give thanks? Well, that doesn't sound to profitable doesn't it? We don't spend money to say thanks. Usually, we just say it, "Thanks!" I mean, how often do you spend money to say thanks, except for the occassional little Thank You card?

Then on top of that the Bible says we are to give thanks to God. It says over and over to give thanks to God. Why? For He is good the scripture says. In fact it says part of giving thanks to God is to proclaim all the good he has done in our life. Where do we carve out time to do that?

When in Thanksgiving in our culture do we proclaim the goodness of God and give thanks for that? Right before we eat? We would do that in our family occassionally. I'd hear my stomach over what everyone else said. It wasn't thankful until it got some food in it! Do you give thanks just before you fall asleep from the turkey eating? How about during the football game? Just before going to bed? How about the next day while your standing in line to get in Wal-MArt at 4 AM? You could proclaim it then. You might even make the news if you make a big enough scene!

Enough of that. The answer for me is church. Church is where you proclaim your thankfulness to God. It's at church you proclaim through song and through prayer how great and might is. You learn from scripture his mighty acts in time. Church is the place to proclaim the goodness of God! Thank him.

Halloween is fun. Christmas is way cool. Let's not forget to thank the one who allows us to enjoy those holidays.

Do this during this month: Thank God!

That's all I'm saying. .


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