Friday, October 19, 2007

Suffolk Peanutfest a Success!

Hello everyone!

As you know this past weekend was the Peanutfest and it was a great success for our church. As you may know, we had a booth in the Commercial Tent in between a tax service and a woman's club selling something. All we did was handout water, bubbles, and information about our church and God blessed it in a mighty way. In fact, this past Sunday we had people visiting our church as a direct result of our booth.

Not only that but we had some great exposure to the Suffolk community. Congrats to Clyde Sigmon who put the sign out in front of our church evey week. Many people said they saw our sign out on the highway.

A lot of work and sacrifice went into doing the booth. Thanks to the Hoffman's for the use of their home as headquarters for the weekend. I also want to thank Jenny Gross for tying all those notes on the 300+ bubble bottles for the kids. Also, thanks to everyone who staffed the booth. You helped get the word about Celebration, and more importantly, about our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now that the event is over I would like to ask you a favor. Pray for the success of the booth. Success for us is not just having a booth. Success for this event is to see new people walking through the door of our church. Pray that this will happen!

Also, before I go... October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Please say an encouraging comment to Penny, Rob, or Scott. They do a great job!

In Christ Alone,


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