Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Thought about Tiger's Speech

In case you haven't heard, Tiger made a speech Friday about his infedilities and how he is trying to get his life back together.  He apologized profusely and took full responsibility for his actions.  I commend him for those words.  I'm pretty sure that was a very hard moment for him to do.

For me, Tiger looked like a man in bondage.  He didn't want to talk to anyone.  He was staying sequestered in a rehab facility.  All of a sudden the freedom he thought was so awesome has entrapped him in a lot of stress, pain, and shame.

Isn't that the way sin works?  At first, it's great.  You even convince yourself you deserve the sin you are involved in.  You get a little too confident in yourself.  Then, the sin is brought to light and all the pain and shame that goes with it, and now you are in bondage.  The freedom you thought you had was a sham.  it didn't last.  By the way, sin never affects just the sinner.  Like a bomb's shrapnel, sin always has innocent casualites, unintended consequences.

I found it interesting how Tiger said he was going to get out of his bandage.  I'm going to bring balance into my life.  I'm going to prove my words with my behavior to my wife and the others I have hurt.  He refered to his Buddhist faith (Religionis always convient in these situation) but he didn't refer on how his faith will bring him out of the bondage, just how he needs to get back to living by it's commands to live in restraint.

I found that interesting because my faith says I am not able to restrain myself.  It teaches me that even if I try to get away from sin and restrain myself, I still have to live with myself.  My faith teaches that I need something greater than myself in me if I have any chance at all. 

As a man in bondage Tiger needs to be set free.  He needs to know forgiveness.  He needs to embrace grace.   He can have his slate cleaned free of any guilt.  His Buddhist faith will not give that to him.

The good news is that's why Jesus Christ died on the cross.  He died to set us free from the bondage of sin.  We can be free in Christ.

I understand Kenny Perry is a strong Christian on the PGa tour.  I pray that Kenny will have a chance to share the good news with Tiger, and give him the ability to be set free.


tamara davis said...

So true. I always love to hear what you have to say. It's always so much more inspiring and thought provoking than many "preachers" we see these days. I'm glad that God has sent me to your church.

Jason said...

Awesome blog. God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. I pray Kenny will be able to reach out to him. I know Tiger's been witnessed to before, by Mark Cahill! It would be awesome to see God turn his life around.