Sunday, February 14, 2010

It was great to be together and looking to the future.

Wow!  It was great to be back togehter again!  It was great to worship God together and it was awesome to share God's word with you too.  It was almost like a great family reunion!

I wanted to share with you some thoughts on what we are facing when it comes to reaching the families of Suffolk.  If we are going to reach Suffolk for Christ it means we will have to reach out to young families.  Suffolk's average age is 36.  75% of our population lives in hoouseholds.  Most of Suffolk's population is between the ages of 18-45.  That means if we are going to reach families we are going to have to be sensitive to their needs.

So this raises a big issue for our church.  Our children's space is crowded.  We have talked to several consultant's and the simple truth is this, unless we do something about our children's space, (simply put, find more room)our church will no longer continue to reach out to new families.

The problem is to move into a new building (We've looked at building after building) is simply too expensice for a congregation our size.  The only way for that dream to become a reality is to find a place in between for us to continue growing so that dream can become a reality.

Here are some of our options the elders are looking at:
   1. We get a modular place at the Y and/or convert the blue closet into a classroom.
   2. The miracle of finding a place actually happens.
   3. We find a school we can rent.
   4. Bring in a mobile classroom, like in a conveted RV.
   5. We do nothing and let the people of Suffolk go to hell.

Our leadership need wisdom, and your input.  Please call one of the elders or me with any thoughts that you have.  And please, please, pray as we take these new steps to expand God's kingdom her in Suffolk.

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