Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10 Choices a Church Member Can About His/Her Church Family

#1- Choose to believe the best about the people in your church as opposed to assuming the worst about them.

#2- Choose to trust them to make decisions that matter.

#3- Choose to believe that when they are asking questions they are growing in their faith and seeking clarification.

#4- Choose to believe they really love the church (that means you!) and want to see it (you) thrive.

#5- Choose to be inspired by your fellow brother and sisters in Christ as opposed to comparing your faith with them and feeling like a failure.

#6- Choose to listen to them before making a decision about them.

#7- Choose to value them as a human being and not just another person at church.

#8- Choose to empower others by encouraging them in Christ.

#9- Choose to let them present a solution to the problem they might be telling you about.

#10- Choose to focus on all the things the church is doing well instead of just focusing on where we're messing up.

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tamara davis said...

awesome! those are really good...and could be used in our entire life not just at church. CCC is definitely full of inspiring people.