Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Virginia Vision Meeting Today

Today I went to Richmond for the quaterly Virginia Vision meeting. In case you don't know VV is the organization that planted our church.

At the meeting I met and talked with people who are busy planting churches all over VA. This is a vital ministry. Did you know that the majority of church goers 25 years from now will be going to church that started today? That's why it is so important to start new churches!

Many of the churches are actively involved in the community and I learned something from them. The community will not think we are here for them unles we keep at it for at least 3-4 years. Now, you might say our church is 7 years old so this is good. We are on course.

But the question is have we been involved IN the community that long doing ministry? The answer to that is no. Just last year we started being involved with 4 Kids and Meals on Wheels. This year we are partnering with Oakland Elementry School. They will not see us as part of the school until 3-4 years from now. Neither will 4 Kids or Meals on Wheels.

So what I learned is that if we are going to seriously minister in this community then we need to be committed for the long run, not just hit and runs.


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