Monday, November 2, 2009

There are some things that are right about Halloween

Reggie Joiner, in his excellent book on family called, Think Orange, gives some interesting thoughts about the church and Halloween. He writes,

"Have you ever considered that the problem with Halloween may be that we (the church) have thought so much about what is wrong about it instead of thinking what is right about it? This isn't a statement about whether Halloween is right or wrong. I want to make a point about family.

Consider these stats:
  • An estimated 47% of households decorate for Halloween
  • Halloween is second only to Christmas in terms of decorations sold
  • Over 790 million jack-o-laterns and pumpkin pies will be bought.
  • Candy sales will exceed $2 billion
  • More than 93 percent of children go trick or treating every year. ( I wonder how many of those families go to your church?)

Most families love Halloween. Watch your neighborhood this fall (or this past weekend).

  • Listen to the laughter
  • Take a look at the generosity
  • Taste the sugar
  • Feel the energy
  • See the glow in the children's eyes
  • Notice the parents walking with thier kids
  • And observe how families connect with other families
  • It seems kind of ... magical

Why can't church be more like that?"

Good Question, Reggie!

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TaylorRenee' said...

look i can leave comments and i didnt even know it!!!!! :)

And Mrs. Vicky says with halloween, don't think of everything wrong- thing of the light shining from the jack-o-lanterns is like Jesus' light in us. Haha!