Friday, November 13, 2009

The Drudgery and Excitement of Church Budgets

For many people church budgets are a boring bunch of numbers that people came up with, but for those that came up with the budget numbers it represents so much more.  It represents hope, opportunity, ministry, and life change.

For example, the internet team's budget will totally revemp our website and make it more user friendly for all who contact it.  I'm excited about the overhaul.

For the youth it represents the resources needed to make a difference in teen's lives, like a place to meet.

For marketing it represents the ability to get out in our community and share the love of Jesus.

In benelovence it means changing people's lives who need a little help.

The budget is so much more than numbers, it's people.  Those numbers represent people.  Let's never forget that!

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