Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Back

I'm back! And I'm sorry I left. I felt I wasn't being a good blogger so I hung it up for awhile, so i am up for another spin.

I have a couple of thoughts for you tonight. One is Saturday I went to a Small group Leders Seminar and the speaker said something that really hit me. She said when it came to goals is most people don't set goals, they just have wishes. Saying my goal is to lose 20 pounds this year is not a goal, it a wish. Saying I will run on a treadmill 30 minutes a day for three months is a goal.

That got me to thinking about our church goals. They are not goals. They are wishes. We said we would be at 300 by this month. That is a wish. What is a real goal? We need SMART goals. I am going to praying and discerning this issue. I think it's important for me as a minister of the church. I think goals are important. A ship without a plan is lost at sea.

The other thought I had is today was awesome. I was really hoping God would move and boy did he show up. I'm excited to see what God will do next week.

Trust in God!


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