Friday, September 18, 2009

Does Suffolk Need another church building and other thoughts...

The seminar with Heather Zempel about Life groups was awesome! Several of our life Group leaders went to hear her. it was worth the time. Although it was for leading a Life Group her words challenged me another area of our church- our goals.

She stated that most of us have wishes and not goals. Wanting to lose 25 pounds is a wish- exercising 30 minutes a day for three months is a goal.

That made me realize the goal we have for our church (300 in attendance, 20 life groups, abuilding to be in) are wishes- good wishes, great wishes- but not goals. We need to change our wishes into goals. That's something I'm working on right now.

Then after listiening to her church situation it got me thinking about ours. Her church is in Washington DC and they meet in five movie theatres across the region with a bout 1500 in attendance. Isn't that amazing! here is this thriving church and they don't even have a church building. THey have no plans to build either. hmmm...

THat got me to thinking... church people generally want a church building.. the person who doesn't go to church could care less. And while I am tired of having a church in a box, not having a place to practice, etc, or youth to meet, etc.. I had to ask the question. Does Suffolk need another church building.

Our goal is to rech people and not build a building. i think of th opportunity we could have in Holland to reach that community. i thought of the Harborview movie theater and how we could reach northern Suffolk. How wold we do that...

What if we, instead of having a central building with 300 people, we had 3 locations with 100 people each? What about a place in Windsor or North Carloina. A lot of people like a small church. Why couldn't we be a church of little churches? We could get together for large experiences 3-4 times a year.

This is something I'm really praying about. I can't help but wonder is the reason we are not finding a place is because we are not looking at the opportunity right there in front of us. i have to rememebr God is more interested in reaching people than he is in a building. After all, there are all kinds of little venues in Suffolk to meet in all over the place. That gets me to thinking...

What resources would that take?
What administratively would this require?
How would we start it?
Is this the route God wants us to go?

Hard words for me... and queations, but I can't help but ask.

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