Friday, January 9, 2009

Why talk about giving...

This week I am doing a first. I am doing an entire sermon series around giving. I've haven't done tis in my preaching career and I'm doing it in the middle of this economic crisis. But I really led by God to go through with this and so I shall. Why talk about money in the church?

Well the obvious reason is the church needs to pay the bills. Duh? But the church does not exist to sustain itself. It exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ. And to that end money gives the church ability to function towards it's purpose. We should never lose focus of that.

And thn secondly, it really is a discipleship issue. Where your money foes so ogoes your attention. God wants your heart so he has to get the money under control so it will not control your heart. (As often it does.)

That's a big reason. So I am praying that the next few weeks will be a time of incredible spiritual growth in the church as we learn how to let go of our money and let in God.


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