Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moved In!

Hi everyone, I'm finally back and have the church office set up in it's new digs. I'm lovin' it! I haven't had a formal office in two years! This is so cool.

To get the new office I had to do some painting and remodeling to get it. I had to put up a wall which was a lot of work, but fun too. I haven't done that in a while.

One thing I learned in all the remodeling and painting is this, details matter! I can paint the middle of the wall really well, but it's on the edges that make a break a great paint job. Same thing with putting up drywall. Putting it up in the middle is easy, it's the edges that show's the difference between a shoemaker and a pro.

I thought this was true in the Christian life too. Being a generally good person, pay taxes, go to work, being a responsible parent, is something a lot of people do. But it's in the edges of our life that Christianity genuninely shows up. For example:

Do you have peace when there is no peace around you?
Do you have gentleness when you are treated roughly?
Do you love when you are hated?
Do you have patience when it seems so urgent?

The list could go on... like a good paint job, Christianity is seen best when lived out on the edge.

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