Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Home Team

This past Sunday Celebration Church announced that we are forming a Home Team. What is the Home Team? The Home Team is a group of people that are coming together to do research to find a home for Celebration Church. The leader of this team is Romy Feliciano. Currently Romy is seeking qualified people to be part of this team. He needs people experienced in construction, real estate, keeping track of details, and the like, to join his team. Our hope is to have everything up and running by January 1, 2008. We are asking everyone to be in prayer for this group. I will be posting updates on the search on this blog.

Why do we need a Home Team? Because Celebration needs a home, that's why! There are several reasons why we need to find a home.

(1) Our equipment is showing the wear and tear of putting up and tearing down week after week for over 5 years now. The eqipment isn't the only thing that is suffering too. The trailers that haul the equipment and storage space are beginning to be key critical issues. We are a growing church and with that comes more equipment and more supplies. We are at capaicity now!

(2) As our church grows the meeetings we hold will not be able to be held in homes for space reasons. For example: The home our youth group meets in is already at capacity. This limits how many people our youth ministry can effectively reach. The Children's Ministry is nearing capacity as well with the classrooms for KIDMO!, Wee Worship, and the Nursery. It will not be long that we will be squeezing children in a tight place. Right now we have no effective space for our children to practice for the Christmas musical. We have no place to hold a week long VBS.

(3) Going into a property/building program can be one of the most spiritually fullfilling times in the life of our family. In order to be succussful we will have to pray fervently, serve cheerfully, give sacrifacially, and trust in God faithfully. These are all actions our Heavenly Father is pleased with. This can be an incredible time of unity!

I'll be giving more updates as we move along! It's exciting to see God work through us at Celebration!

Have Yourself Committed,

Kirk Dice

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