Friday, September 28, 2007

Some exciting things going on at church...

I'm a preacher and my life revolves around church. More importantly, my life revolves around helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. With that in mind the church I preach at has been real exciting. God is really blessing us in a great way!

At each staff meeting and elders meeting I ask, and it's getting to be an old question (even for me), "Where have you seen people growing in the Lord the past couple weeks?" Each time I ask that people start thinking about what they have seen at Celebration and each time they have seen people grow in the Lord. Neat stories are told about how you are growing in the Lord. The worship has become more lively. A message helped someone gain a new insight on God. A child took a leap in their faith. A teenager chose the things of God over many other choices that are out there. It really is exciting to see the growth.

I never want us to loose focus on this. Our goal is to see people grow in the Lord! We want to celebrate that! This is what God celebrates!

In the coming weeks you are going to here about the formation of the Home Team at our church. This is a research team that will begin looking for a home for Celebration. We really need one. Our equipment is beginning to show the wear and tear of lugging it around. Our volunteers, though faithful (praise God for them!) could use the break! Plus, having a central place for our activities would make us more productive.

Several of us went to Lowes this past Sunday and simoly prayed God to give us the resources and the ability to have this property. I want you to pray with us. We want God to work in all of this. We want to dream so big that if God isn't in it it will not work. We want to glorify his name!

My point is this. In all the talk about a building, land, money, I don't want us to lose focus on our real goal, seeing people grow in the Lord. That's what it is all about. The land, money, and building will fade away. People don't. We must focus on them!

Have yourself Committed!


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