Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Michael Vick Found Jesus

Micahael Vick, a few weeks ago, had a press conference after his plea agreement and in the midst of his comments he said, "I've found Jesus." I found his thoughts very interesting.

First of all, he didn't have to look far! It's interesting that when we get caught up in sin we think of God as being far off. We think God has left us becasue we're not worthy anymore. This is a myth. The truth is God is already there right beside you when you sin. He's just waiting for a contrite heart; an honest heart.

If there is anything we should learn from Christmas is that Jesus left heaven to come down to be with us. What does this tell us about Jesus' character? It tells us that we do not need to walk far to get to God, we need only to look beside us and he's right there. I think that phrase, "I found Jesus," is interesting becasue Jesus has already found you! That phrase is kind of like playing hide and seek in reverse, the hider doesn't find the seeker!

One can be skeptical of Michael Vick's confession but I'm going to choose to believe Him. I will say this though. The fruit of his life will tell us if he has found Jesus (or Jesus found him). This is how we will know if Michael is truly following Jesus. For a disciple of Jesus bears uinique marks and behaviors. Like we've talked about at church lately; a disciple of Christ will be passionate in obedience to him, connected to a church family, and seek to be influential for the cause of Christ in the world around him. I'm not close enough to Michael Vick to know if he is bearing fruit in his life, but I am rooting for him.

I wouldn't mind playing football with him in heaven. (But I have to admit, if I was on his team, I'd wish I was on Peyton Manning's team. After all, I grew up a Colts fan!)

Have Yourself Committed!


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