Monday, August 27, 2007


Today's blog will be a little different. I usually like to comment in some further detail about the message I just preached and I'll probably make a few comments about that, but I thought I would also share about a new transition our family is making today.

Lisa went to work at Oakland School today. We're excited about that but it's still a trnasition. Lisa worked out of the home when we were in Kentucky and that made life awful convenient. I'm prooud of Lisa and I'm sure she'll do awesome!

Oh, yeah... I get to be Mr. Mom this week until the they get in school next week. I'm enjoyting it. We 're going to have some fun and I have great kids, but it's still a change.

I like change. It keeps me fresh and on my toes. I know a lot of people that don't like change. In fact, I have been accusing of liking to change things to quickly. If something isn't working I'm all for changing it. Then, many times, I like to change things up just becasue I can. It looks different. Nothings perfect.

I'm also excited about my grad work. I'm in my final year and so far so good. I'm really looking forward to graduation this spring. Dietrich just walked in.. he says, "Hi!"

Concerning the message yesterday. I think it's really exciting to be Jesus' disciple. I think it's really exciting that he chose us, even though we in no way qualify to be his Talmid. The fact still remains that he chose you!

He chose Paul who was a murderer. He chose Moses who was a nevous scardey cat. He chose David knowing he would commit adultrey. He chose Peter even though he betrayed Jesus. He chose Esther, even though she was in no position of power.

God always seems to choose people who thnk they aren't qualified. I think he does that so his glory will be shown even more.

Sorry if I rambled today... I'm in the process of changing...

Have yourself Committed!



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Janet said...

I really like what you said about qualifications. Reminds me of a speaker who said, "God's never had anyone qualified working for Him yet!" The same guy also said, "I [any Christian] should be as confident in JESUS IN ME as I am NOT confident in ME WITHOUT JESUS."