Friday, August 10, 2007

Maybe God is the Point

A couple of weeks ago I saw the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis and I immediately thought of the devestation of lives, the fear, and all the people who were hurt. I prayed for them.

Someone e-mailed some photos that were taken of the tragedy and I was taken back by a photo of three catholic priests, their jaws open, looking at the destruction. You could read the surprise, the horror, and their hearts in their faces. They were taken back by what they were looking at.

I think I struck a chord with those three priests for I'm sure my face looked the same when I saw the destruction of an F-4 tornado (winds over 200 mph) near my home in Kentucky. As I went around checking on people I saw entire homes swept off the foundation. I didn't even see any debris. The tornado literally missed my home by a few hundred feet. I thanked God that my family was safe.

Then it hit me. Why does God let stuff like this happen anyway? I've heard people ask that before. I heard people asking that after Hurricane Katrina, or after the Tsunami in Asia a few years ago. You read about people of all faiths asking, "Where is God in this?"

Then it hit me. Maybe one of the many reasons this stuff happens is to get us to ask the question, "Where is God?" It gets us searching. It gets us wondering. It makes us wonder if there is a higher power.

One characteristic of God that I think we can fail to rememebr is his power and glory exists independent of our life. Whether we are born or not, God would still be glorious and powerful. Powerful events like this remind us of God. Just the fact that you wonder points you to him. Maybe that's the point.



Janet said...

I am thankful that the Lord can bring good out of anything,and people do tend to think about God when bad things happen. But what about this idea...what if instead of God sending or allowing the bad stuff if perhaps He is more willing than we can ever imagine to display His power for and through us if we could just grasp more clearly who we are in Christ? What if we could be conduits for His power in ways the early believers were and that we don't usually dare to imagine? That would be awesome!!

Kirk said...

I like that... that is so true. Just look at the heroes (conduits) of God's power in the Bible.