Monday, August 13, 2007

Another thought on money...

Yesterday I talked about money and I hope you understand that the Bible says a lot more about money than giving to the church. Whenever I preach about this topic I have always tried to take the attitude that the church will have the money it needs. The church belongs to God and he is the ultimate resource and He will provide for the church. After all, His Son died so the church could come forth!

In reality, and this is nothing new, money is not a giving issue, but a heart issue. Whenever Jesus spoke about money this was his concern. Whatever dominates your mind gets your attention and whatever gets your attention dominates your heart. Right? Just think about that person or child you love. They dominate your attention becasue you love them.

God knows that. He knows that whatever gets our attention dominates our heart. God knows that money and the worries that come with it can dominate your emotions and your mind. God wants to be in that place. His solution to break money's hold on us? You need to give it away. Give the first portion to God and when you do that you begin making him the priority in your life.

I've heard preachers say, "Let me look in your checkbook and I'll let you know who is first in your life." Interestingly, God doesn't look at your checkbook. He looks at your heart. He's more concerned about you.

So if you have a problem with your money maybe it's a heart issue, not a giving issue, or even a financial issue. For out of a man's heart flows his thought and actions.

I appreciate the comments. Keep them coming.

Have Yourself Committed, Kirk


Tracy Pudder said...

Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your sermon on money. It spoke to things my family needed to hear. I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical, as I am not too open to change, but since the first time you spoke at Celebration you spoke directly to me. Something I DO NOT find as a coincidence. Ain't God great?!!!
Keep up the good work!
Your sister in Christ,

Janet said...

Wow! The message on Sunday was so meaningful - thank you,Kirk,for sharing wisdom from the Bible on the various aspects of finances. And then your further thoughts on this blog - again,Wow!!