Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cancelling Church and a Preachers Heart

You might think that if church is cancelled due to weather the preacher rejoices because he gets a suprise week off.

Not so with me.  I'll tell you why.

The messages that I bring to my congregation are no small matter for me.  In many cases i have been praying over the message and it's content for close to a year.  I've spent many hours in prayer and thoughtful study of the Bible in preperation.  I have sought to pay attention to the flock God has given me so i can bring a message that will challenge as well as confront with the truth and love of God.

By the time Sunday rolls around it's gameday for me.  I'm psyched!  I'm amped up!  I'm ready to go!  I have some fire burning in my bones!  I'm not juist doing my job.  I'm bring ing you life, real life, through God's Word!

So when church is cancelled I'm bummed!

But I'll be ready for next week.


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Burch said...

Our father really knows best and probably decided another day for his message would be better, or not. I like to think the latter.