Friday, June 20, 2008

"A Promise to Stand" - Discussion Guide


We celebrate courage in our culture. We have The Incredible Hulk fighting monstrosities in the middle of the streets, Iron Man flying against the bad guys, and soon Batman bravely fights off the joker. Kids this summer even have the great Kung Fu Panda, who saves the local village from the rampages of the enemy.

We celebrated the firefighters of 9/11 for thier courage. We honor the troops who fight in freedom's name. We respect those who find the courage to place others before themselves, like the mother who died covering her baby in a house fire, saving her baby's life.

We celebrate such courage, and rightly so. The truth is we all will need some courage one day, to do the right thing, to speak out, to protect someone else from harm, to make that hard decision no one else can make for you. We will all need courage.

Question: Where do you get it?

Read Joshua 6:1-8:2


1. Who is a hero in your life? What makes them so courageous?

2. Look at Joshua 6:1. We discoverd in the message on Sunday the phrase "Lord said" is the same phrase used when describing how the universe was created. The city of Jericho was going to fall just as sure as the ground Joshua was standing on. Joshua was able to act because God gave him a promise. How can you be sure God's promises are true for you?

3. After the defeat of Jericho Joshua sent the Israelite army to defeat the city of Ai. They failed because Achan kept some of the bounty from Jericho for himself instead of bringing it to the temple as God instructed. How does our behavior affect the promises of God in our life?

4. How can God's promises give you courage?

5. What do yo uthink of this statement, "You gain courage to find freedom from God's promises when you operate under the authority of God."

6. Do you know God's promises? How can you apply these promises to your life? Psalm 27:14; Job 22:29-30; Psalm 113:1, 3; 2 Chronicles 30:9

7. What great thing might you attempt now in your life is you were assured by God of your success?

"Then the Lord said to Joshua, 'See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and fighting men." Joshua 6:2

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