Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Tree Ornaments

My family has a tradition after each Chritmas. That tradition is for each of my children to go buy a Christmas ornament for next Christmas. We'll go to a Cracker Barrel or a Hallmark store and let them choose one. It's great to go after Christmas because most of the time they are at least 50% off regular price.

I thought I would share one ornament from each child. It's interesting because the ornaments they chose express their personality and even what they value.

Take Miriam, my youngest. Her favorite ornemt is a fuzzy Cracker Barrell teddy bear. She likes it becasue it is soft. It's beige in color and it's soft fur stands in contrast too all the hard porcelien and clay ornaments around it. You could describe Miriam as soft. Not soft in that she is a blowover! But soft in that she is always anxious to give a hug and kiss. She is extremely loving and caring for others, just like a teddy bear should be!

Dietrich's (My son in the middle)ornaments reflect those of a little boy. There is Spider-man and a firetruck. I think the one that best expresses Dietrich's personality is the M&M character dressed up as a Star Wars Storm Trooper. Dietrich loves to be the hero. He truly cares for others. He doesn't impose himself on others as well. On the other hand he is bit goofy like the M&M. He always has a silly comment tha makes people laugh.

Then my oldest Taylor has a unique ornament. Her ornament is a teddy bear too, but one of the arms is missing. She went to buy it at Cracker Barrel one day. She selected it and then noticed the broken arm, so Lisa put it back and got a perfect bear, with two arms. Taylor though would have nothing to do with that. She began to cry and sob. Lisa asked what was wrong and she said she was crying over the broken bear. She said no one else would buy it and would be up there all alone. So Lisa bought the broken bear.

I'm glad she did because it reminds me every Christmas that Jesus did the same for me. I was broken. I wasn't perfect. But Jesus mourned over me. He couldn't stand for me to be left alone. So he came to earth, and died for my sins, and when I placed my faith in him through baptism, he came to live within me and made me a new creation!

How cool! Merry Christmas!


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