Friday, February 1, 2008

Lisa's Trip to the Surgery

Lisa had her wisdom teeth taken out today. As many of you know this is quite the experience. I was the "escort." That means I get to play nurse to Lisa for the rest of the day.

The most interesting part of the trip was on the way there. The doctor's office was just off Battlefield Blvd. down near the Chesapeake Hospital.

For whatever reason traffic started backing up when we got on I-64 just off I-664. According to the road sign flashing it was backed up all the way to the high rise bridge. We were just sitting on the road and we knew we were going to be late for Lisa's surgery. We called ahead to the doctor.

When we go to the route 13 (painstakingly slow) exit we decided to get off not sure how to reroute the traffic. A lot of these roads are still new to us. We quickly determined we needed some help so we called Don Handyside for instructions. Before he could determine where we were on 13 south we somehow looped around and we found ourselves right back where we started at the I-664 to I-64 exit. Traffic was backed up even further now!

From there Don figured out where we were and gave us OnStar guidance to get around the traffic. He told us make sure you are in this lane and make sure you are headed this direction. He did an excellent job. We arrived at our doctor's office not to far off from our scheduled time.

This little adventure led me to this little spiritual thought. When you get stuck in your life, call up God. He will be the OnStar for your life. He will make your paths straight!

In Christ Alone,


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