Monday, July 30, 2007

A Most Powerful Force

Yesterday during the worship service I talked about being powerless and if we want to be empowered then we need to tap into a greater power; that power being the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection. You can't gain strength by tapping into a smaller power.

Let me give you a flip thought on what I said yesterday. Sometimes I think, if we want to get a proper perspective of God, we need to feel powerless in the presence of His Almighty. I'll take it one step further. I think to give up our supposed power in order to see his power. Perhaps this is why God puts us in powerless situations, so we can see true power.

It's like those forward e-mails of that guy who paints those perspective pictures on the streets of New York (at least I think it's New York). You have to gain the right perspective in order to appeciate his work. if you don't his picture is all skewed and looks quite funny. If you don't gain the right perspective you fail to realize his mastery of his art.

Maybe that's why God looks so funny and skewed to a lot of people. They are not looking at him from the right perspective. They are looking at him from thier own position of power here on earth, and so God looks really skewed and funny and senseless. You fail to realize just how strong God is compared to this world.

But when you gain the right persepctive, let go of your power, in other words, allow yourself to become powerless, then you gain the right perspective on God's power. You recognize that his power overcomes anything this world has, and even more important, the Bible says this power is behind you. For if God is with you, who can be against you. Right? That verse doesn't make sense until you gain the proper perspective.

Well, that's my first blog...

more to come about once or twice a week....

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Janice said...

Kirk, Great lessons. It's really hard to give the power up and not take it back.